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Software induces copying even though old school sharing is a ghost town yet they want  ISPs as copyright cops because nobody has 10 share anymore.
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Water might be good for your music but Comcast turns off the spigot, Universal mixes their own and BlueRay is showing beta.

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Skins bugs or tickers, Google Turns of the Light, Kids in Europe Don't Care about Downloading Content but ISPs Do.
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Universal goes DRM free, Jonesing for Johnny Quest, the internet is
the 5th Network and you can make 11 dollars an hour watching YouTube.
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Why can't we have a youTube camera? Apple sell 4K songs a minute. HD Photo teams up with JPEG. And Gross Pointe Blank is still awesome!

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KU says one strike and you're out, Red Giant shines, the new Fall series leaks and I'll take the UK for 50.
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Movie sound transforms movies, the RIAA sucks money so does ASCAP and God is the original programmer.
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NYC filmmakers need a million bucks, DVR users actually DO watch the ads, Sicko downloads didn't hurt the box office and the Fairness Doctrine is still dead.
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HV20 Rocks Red, Red goes to Blue, Apple goes to number 3 and the music industry is still screwed.
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Microsoft goes IPTV, AppleTV goes YouTube, Joost goes set top boxes, and Sony closes shop.
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Three WWDC 2007 Perspectives
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Half of the People don't know the 1st. Second Life property case goes to court. 3 dollar speaker cable. And Fraud, Extortion and Conspiracy!
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Star Wars hmph. Nothing but Star Wars. Red camera mentioned not.

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Sound Exchange offers a deal, copying HD DVD and BluRay discs, a Fair(y) use tale and © forever.
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Video games turn 40, MP3's go DRM free, video downloads have no future and Titanic and Terminator are the same movie.
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District of Columbia Enforcer, Getting beyond Edumacation and Channeling Alan Kay.
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HR 2060 is released from Pandora's box, the secret code is PXC50
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Geeking out with Bill Crow about HD Photo, RAW formats, camera mosiacs and why Stu needs to call us.

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Adobe & Microsoft go interactive, Final Cut Pro Studio is well... cool, Sony and Red turn up the camera heat and Kenji crashes the Hard Rock.
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Apple's new Final Cut Pro Studio 2 Coverage
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We get ready for NAB and discuss, why We can't get a real camera under $10K, 1080p vs 720p, Final Cut Studio vs Adobe Studio and Emery likes the Red Camera...alot
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Photoshop and friends get an upgrade, the Giants go hi def, the Beeb adds QuickTime, advertisers suspend spending and nothing else happened.

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EMI ditches DRM, podcasting in the classroom, Zudeo becomes Vuze and Dick Dale says don't sign that.
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The RIAA can lose or lose. The push to strike McJobs. Judge Lowell Reed is our new hero. And we've got real counsel in the house.
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Pr0n could lose it's port. SXSW goes interactive. Avid investors brace for impact. And NIN goes back to the garage.
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Natalie Portman is no Indy, Stations pay for Payola, Internet Radio is On lIfe Support and The BEEB builds it's own iApp

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MP3s are patently protected, Creative Commons Becomes 3, Fair Use is Back in Style, HDMI Rocks
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Macs get Joost, XM and Sirius get Serious, Will DRM kill Photoshop, MTV was great when it played music videos
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MPAA are actually innovators, Turning Google Off in Belgium, The Direction of Normals , and an explanation of Libertarian Communism
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Steve Attacks DRM, Pirates Of the World Unite, Orphans are Stranded in Copyright Limbo, And the NFL puts a hit on the Church Lady...
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You tube shares the love, American's think DRM is no big deal and neither do some in Hollywood, but don't even think about it in Norway
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MPAA Changes the way this film will be rated, Indy Music Labels team up to compete with the Big Boys, You can Joost if you're special, The CD is Dead
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Netflix Goes Online, Sony Blocks Porn, Music Aritsts Skip Physical Distribution, and Radio becomes the Tower of Babel
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Rebel Filmmaking, Color Correction, Apple TV, and the iPhone
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RIAA says Ripping is of no use Should We Leave DRM in the Dust? YouTube's Copyright Software Protection in the well, still Alpha HD Formats Cracked though And Kenji and John geek out on ZFS
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